Memebership with The Canadian PSW Network is a benefit to you, the PSW.

Membership entitles you to perks, benefits and special pricing on Education, Resources,  CPR, and so much more  including special health benefits built and priced specifically for you as a PSW and a Member.

Members are also invited to become a PSW Ambassador! 

Join the PSW Network Front Office PSW Ambassador Program to have your voice heard as a PSW. 

Help build the programs, supports and rescources we offer. Exclusive invitations to meetings, round tables, committees, seminars, media events and so much more. 

Be a voice for yourself, your coworkers, and the ones you care for. 

Be a voice for your industry.

We bring your voices to all our meetings, and represent you with professionalism, and integrity.

100% of membership fees go directly back into The Network to provide you the best possible support, resources and advocacy every PSW deserves.

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