A list of some of the most valuable professional skills that we can possess from our network of educational friends.

Education upgrades, refreshers and continuing education is very important to us, and to PSWs, which is why we openly share these with you as we find them, are made aware of them, or offered them.

Membership with us is not required or mandatory to take the courses listed here.

All course availablility and costs associated is subject to change at any time at the provider's discretion.

The Canadian PSW Network has no authority over any of the courses that are offered.

If you experience any issues with the courses themselves, please contact the provider(s) directly.

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Pallium Canada

Leap Program

Conestoga CRADLE Program

Become a CDCP - Certified Dementia Care Provider

Parkinson’s Education Program (PEP) 


Mindful Deescalation 

U First  - Alzheimers Society

Autism Caregiver Training for PSWs

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