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Volunteers Committed to the Cause

Canadian PPE Network Founder PSW

Lynn Steele

Founder & CEO


The Founder & CEO is a PSW with certification in Dementia Care. She has been a PSW for over 15 years and made it her passion when she went to school and graduated with her PSW Certificate in 2012. She created The PSW Network with the vision and drive to improve upon the supports and resources available to Personal Support Workers.

Due to the lack of adequate, or accessible support anywhere in Ontario, or Canada, for those who are caring for our community's most vulnerable - our family's cherished loved ones - is how this Network was born. This office is focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity, and ensuring that PSWs get the assistance they need most.

Canadian PPE Network VP PSW

Katie Scott

COO & Executive Director


Katie came on board with The Network during it's infancy, as there was a mirrored integrity, passion and drive to the Founder & CEO. 

Having extensive experience working in all aspects of the health care system, mainly in Palliative Care, she is a wealth of experience and information. 

Katie is a valuable asset to the Head of the team here at The Network. 

This office reports directly to the CEO, and oversees day-to-day operations to support the growth and add to the bottom line of our organization. 

It focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting, and directs the operations of the Network in support of its goals. 

Canadian PPE Network PSW

Barbara Fletcher

Corporate Relations & Health & Safety Advisor


Barbara is responsible for multiple roles ranging from monitoring social media, to public relations, and corporate communications.

Barbara brings a strong foundation to our team with her extensive knowledge of corporate management, human resources, logistics, and planning, as well as being a seasoned, and recognized PSW.

She brings with her extensive training and certification in Joint Health & Safety, Part I (Basic) Certification, Part II (Sector Specific) Certification as well as being a highly regarded union steward.

Barbara takes a no-nonsense, common sense and firmly factual approach to each and every one of her roles. She is an asset to our team on many levels.

Canadian PPE Network PSW

Sylvia Ryan

PSW Relations


Sylvia works closely with senior staff within the organization as the communications partner on a variety of strategic initiatives for PSW’s, and being one of the main points of contact for those within health care in the field as a direct liaison to The Network. 

She is responsible for ensuring that senior staff and department heads are apprised of any and all issues that arise with an individual that is in need of services, and will assist with, or take the lead on follow up. 

Sylvia is one of our veteran team members. 

She brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

Canadian PPE Network PSW

Annie Small

Community Development


With us since our founding, Annie is one of our veteran team members. She brings her years of experience as a small business owner with services and programs within the community and long term care facilities to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. 

Annie is a liaison to the public, and to be able to fluently answer any and all questions about the network, and its structure, goals, and promote positively within the community. 

Annie will also assist in building positive relationships within the community, with members of health care, and with fundraising contacts within the community.

Canadian PPE Network PSW

Stefanie Nucci

Motivational Development


Experienced, trustworthy, fun, professional and creative. These are just a few of the ways coworkers describe this invaluable member of our team. 

Stef is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to work every single day. 

If you're struggling, or feeling overwhelmed, she's the first one to jump in and offer help along with making you smile or laugh. She finds the positive in the most seemingly negative situation. 

She is truly our "silver lining".

Chair of The Board

Lisa Livingston-Wauchope

With us since our founding, Lisa is one of our veteran team members. She brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. 

Past Chair to Easter Seals, and sitting on many advisory committees revolving around education and growth within the PSW community and industry, Lisa's expertise is beyond invaluable, and immeasurable.

Her principal role is to manage and provide leadership to the Board of Directors of the Network. The Chairman is accountable to the Board and acts as a direct liaison between the Board and the management of the Company, through the CEO & COO.

Nurse Advisor

Ashley Fox - RPN, CFN GPNC(C)

Ashley is our Nursing Advisor who oversees all the questions we get regarding delegations and other questions PSWs often have regarding their profession and the PSW/Nurse working relationship. She also holds a seat on our Advisory Committee.

Ashley is available to us to provide accurate & up to date information on delegations, and their roles working with and under nurses. 

Nurses are the ones we work closest to, aside from the ones we care for. They are a wealth of information, skill, and expertise.

The bond between Nurses and PSW's is a crucial one that we need to build on, and nurture, to be able to work together for the best interests of the ones we care for, and for each other.

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